Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The vulcano

The other day I read this post of Jenna at Coldantlerfarm and again I thought about the vulcano of passion, the fountain of life. These thoughts seem to visit me regular these days. We all are born with an insatiable curiosity, a need to learn, an exuberant way to find joy in everything. Down the road of life this energy is covered with layers. Layers of rules and opinions of the people around us and the society at large. Our abundance drips away, slowly but surely but never completely. Some energy of our being is such a pure strenght it surfaces as long as we are not given up on living. Let's honor our impulses today. The hunches that seem totally ridiculous to our rational mind. Let's listen to the whispers and the questions asked by the wind.

While thinking I painted, a small watercolor appeared in my art-journal. 

Often I turned away from life, cried bitter tears, yelled ugly words. Not today. No blame is put on my  layers because they help me to find my purest strenght. For that I can only be grateful.

Have your perfect day!!!!



Protege said...

Beautifully contemplative.
I am trying too not to be negative, but see the positive in everything that life offers.
I hope your day is lovely too dear friend,

spudballoo said...

Oh I particularly adore the butterfly, free and elegant....muc to admire and wish for in the butterfly. xx

julochka said...

these are powerful thoughts.

and i think that volcano looks like a road leading somewhere exciting in the distance (whew, you thought i was going to say it looked like a sperm, didn't you?) :-)

this is definitely your year of the butterfly.

tangled stitch said...

Beautiful post. Wonderful thoughts. Lovely butterfly.

Pursuing Art... said...

Lovely thoughts and paintings in your journal.

I'm glad you aren't turning away from life. I am grateful you are listening to the whispers and the questions asked by the wind.

I always try to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones and feel grateful. Most negativity seems to be the absence of something positive. Peace and Love...~me