Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thanks for coming

Today two pages out of my art-journal. I am thinking about a new large project which I want to make during the summer because it involves also paper mache. Paper mache needs to dry which is easier to do when the warmth of the sun has returned. The first page is a pot of tea with two cups which in itself isn't that exciting. But the ears of the cups together make a heart and the teapot is in pink. Pink stands for love in my mind. Now you can guess the explanation.

The second drawing is a heart with a door or window. Having an open door or window in your heart is important because than other people can see you, your gold.

These are just thoughts and in the coming months more of these will follow and eventually you can see the final piece. I hope you like to travel with me on this journey.

Have a fantastic day.



Protege said...

I love the open heart. In fact, this reminds me of my childhood.
In the communism Slovakia where I lived as a child and was born, we celebrated the 8th of March as Women's Day. It also became a sort of a Mothers Day celebration. In school we made hearts like you show here, of double paper, with a window in the middle that could open and there we would write: "Mom, I love you."

Thank you for a lovely childhood memory.
Have a nice day, I guess you are getting rain?

Pursuing Art... said...

I really like both of these journal pages! Friends having a tea party accepting each others views and energy with lovely.

The heart with a door or window is is important to have an open heart to give and receive love. Heartfelt connections...friends. XOX