Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ten pieces of eye-candy

Last night I received an amazing gift from the very talented Spud.

At blogcamp she was one of the photographers who took pictures of Soul Food and they are so beautiful that I feel you just have to see them.

 It feels so special to me.

To see Soul Food through someone elses eyes.

The colours are so alive.

The felt tangible.

The symbols so finely drawn.

The train giving meaning to special dreams.

The key to open any door.

At this moment my heart is filled with gratitude and wonder. It is almost impossible to believe that I created these symbols, these beautiful tokens of time.


(If you would like to read about Soul Food from the start click here.)

Have a day filled with love for your own tokens of time.



karen said...

this looks amazing Elizabeth, absolutely amazing.

karen said...
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spudballoo said...

You're so welcome! It's amazing piece of work, so inspiring and (what the photos can't show) it's so soft and beautifully tactile.

The photos look a bit 'pink' now I look at them again. Hmmmm.

congratulations again on such an achievement. xx

Protege said...

Lovely, I love the different perspectives, with the different parts of it in and out of focus.;)
Have a lovely day, hopefully with not too much snow today.;)

SE'LAH... said...

These are amazing. So beautiful.

Pursuing Art... said...

What a lovely gift, Elizabeth! The photos are really wonderful and Soul Food is BEAUTIFUL!!! XOX