Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sometimes .....

During a conversation at breakfast on Blog camp Bee mentioned that each Zodiac-symbol is connected with a color. And because Julie had a computer on her lap everyone got their Zodiac-color. This is the main-page so you can find your own color if you are interested.

When it was my turn and Julie told me my color. My reaction.

Camille made a beautiful page of it.

Now the night before we had exchanged presents in the Blue room. From Spud, we all got a lovely heart-shaped pin each in a different color. Now I was so happy because it was so beautiful and I got the blue one, that is my color. I even stated that too B a couple of times. 
On saturday evening Kristina came and opened her presents and she got a blue heart-shaped pin. My brain began buzzing because Spud had stated that there was one of each color and Kristina's was definitely blue. I ran upstairs and took my pin.

Everybody started laughing and I felt knocked out. Tomorrow I will tell you the next episode.

Have a lovely, green day.



Protege said...

What a beautiful heart! And how nice that you exchanged presents.
Now I am off to see my colour.;)
Have a lovely day and stay safe in the snow storm - I drove to work, lets see if I can get home.

julochka said...

i really love that green thing. it still makes me laugh. :-)

B said...

This makes me laugh! But I'm curious, has all this made you changed your mind about green? Or you still don't like it?

Bee said...

You've got to get over the pine green thing, Elizabeth! I have the loveliest, tenderest, spring green shoots coming up in the garden. What's not to love?

Pursuing Art... said...

This post made me smile...I know you *LOVE* blue!

The green heart pin is beautiful!