Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A pile of ....

After blogcamp I had the green-virus and started a project to make a blanket of granny-squares. I started it because it was and still is so cold this winter and I had an opportunity to incorporate my all time favorite blue and green. Today I want to show you how far I got.

So 45 pieces are totally finished, others are still waiting. I'm not just working on my squares, I still have some presents to finish up. It would have been lovely if they turned out the way I wanted them too but unfortunately some need a re-do.

Now to the other pile of......


These pictures are taken by my husband and shown to you to celebrate that for the first time in almost a week we didn't have fresh snow this morning!!!!

Have a lovely day.



Protege said...

Love all the blue squares, this will be beautiful.;)
What a lovely set of snow pictures.;)
My terrace is completely covered by snow. Even more than on the pictures I posted yesterday. I can not see my pots nor the stairs.
Elizabeth, I want spring now. But as far as the forecast, it looks as if we will not get spring until in April. Last year at this time my crocuses were all grown and almost blooming...
Have a lovely day:))

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, the blue and green squares are going to make a beautiful and warm blanket.

You certainly do have a thick blanket of's beautiful!Both pictures are gorgeous, but the shawdow of the tree photo is stunning! XOX