Monday, February 22, 2010

Gift of Jewels

The serie Lucky girl has gotten a new episode. Last week I received an envelope filled with beautiful thoughts and gifts.

A card with a picture of the mountains of Topanga

A dreamcatcher dreambox 

with a lovely wish

And a lovely needlebook of felt in the colours baby yellow and green.

All of this I received from Claudia, a lady I never met before, who also participated in the Gift of Jewels of Se'Lah. Claudia had visited my blog and seen that I love embroidery, felt and needed to learn to incorporate green and yellow, so she made this needlebook especially for me. That leaves with only one thing to do and that is to say:  THANK YOU !!!!

Have a lovely start of your week with some surprises ahead.



Protege said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!
What a beautiful gift!
Yes, surprises I have had already, snowed in again today. But I got to ride in with coworker.
Have a lovely Monday,

julochka said...

that is a beautiful gift of jewels. i got mine's a pretty little crocheted heart bookmark in bright colors. isn't it just wonderful, getting a little surprise from a stranger, just because.

i must go give se'lah a hug.


SE'LAH... said...

wow...i feel like i've been saying that a lot lately. ;)
the dream catcher is a beauty. all your jewels are.
oh so sweet and thoughtful.

thanks for sharing it with us.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

You are most welcome, Elizabeth! It was my pleasure and always a delight to meet someone who enjoys needlework :) Be well. Claudia

Pursuing Art... said...

What a beautiful gift from the heart! I love that she embroidered the felt needlebook for you in green and yellow. How lovely!!! ;-)