Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gift of Jewels

A few weeks ago Christina of Soulaperture organized the Simple things for Haïti. I participated and that is how I met the lovely Se'Lah of Necessary Room. Now Se'Lah organized the Gift of Jewels and since I always had a lot of penpals during my teenage years there was just one thing to do, participate.

What is the gift of jewels? I let Se'Lah explain it herself, click here to find out.

The beautiful thing about these two ladies is that they inspired me to make something special for a participant in the gift of jewels.

I knitted an envelope in all kinds of natural fibers and colours. It is done on purpose because each colour stands for a different a person. After that I made a quote-card with Friends create a world of peace.

Let's hope the gift of jewels will be a big success for all participants.

Have a day filled with friendship.



Protege said...

That is so beautiful!! I really loved this, what a marvelous idea. So simple, yet so very poignant.
It shows off your absolutely beautiful mind.
I am sure your gift will be a success.;)
Have a lovely day,

PS. While yesterday felt almost springlike, we are back to winter today.:(

Connie said...

your gift is a smashing success. I LOVE it!!! so very beautiful and thoughtful. Thank you so so much! I knit a bit myself and I love the soft textures of the envelope. The embroidery is lovely as well. I just keep looking at my "Gift of Jewels" and smiling :)

spudballoo said...

How gorgeous! Your stitching is just perfect, and the idea is lovely. xx

SE'LAH... said...

You are amazing and creative. Wow.
A knitted envelope...I would have never thought of that!

I am sooo happy that you joined in the *gift of jewels* project. I am glad that we met.

one love.

Pursuing Art... said...

What a beautiful gift of jewels! It has the most beautiful message and will truly cherished! ;-)