Monday, February 15, 2010

Collection of the day

There are three items today and the only thing what they have in common is me. The first one is about an award I received last week. You know a little bit about my taekwondo adventures and in august I started helping with the training of kids between 7 and 12. Why? Because I feel it is important that kids get a chance to experience all that taekwondo has to offer and no one wanted to help the trainer who works her nice behind of for these kids.
So as a token of their appreciation I was awarded the title Trainer of the Year and a present. A little bit silly but it is a nice way to say thank you.

The second part of my collection is another Oh, I'm  so proud. The following picture is from the crocodile my seven year old son made at school. Probably with a lot of guidance and help from his teacher but hé who's questioning. (The photo isn't really good, a better one you can find here)

The third part is my latest fashion statement. Yes, you read that correctly. I am making a fashion statement here on the island. Uhum, Uhum. After my eye-surgery my eye looked not so pretty, understatement. For me that wasn't a problem but the kids didn't want to look at me when we talked. Now that is a no no situation. So the first few days I had the hospital solution but didn't really liked it. So with the help of Karen I made this and you know what: Everybody is looking at me. Why?

Have a lovely monday.



Protege said...

Oh, what a lovely post - made me smile! Beautiful award and your son is so talented, wow!
And your fashion patch is so dashing! I bet you look lovely with it and so very unique.;))
I hope you had a lovely weekend and will have a great Monday.;)

julochka said...

your patch is very cute indeed! and much better than the gauze. but i still think that maybe a captain jack sparrow-kinda one for fancy dress would be nice. :-)

Shell said...

That croc your son made is really good even with help from his teacher.
Your eye patch is adorable. Glad you are healing from your surgery.

karen said...

your patch makes me smile! A Swedish patch! Hope your eye is getting better.

spudballoo said...

Oh you are funny and that patch! And the crocodile is brilliant, are you very proud? xx

Pursuing Art... said...
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Pursuing Art... said...

Sorry, should have checked my spelling! ;-)

You are so sweet helping train the kids in Taekwondo! It is a lovely award for you.

I absolutely LOVE that crocodile! You should be proud...he has mom's artistic talents already. It is so cute...what a treasure!

Your fashion statement is very arty and cute! XOX