Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Changing times

Yesterday I told you how green entered my life in a different way. At blog camp I became totally obsessed with this green idea. So when it was time to start our art-journal it was time to explore.

Felt really brave to paint a whole page green.

Suddenly I started thinking about a song called When a blind man cries by Richard Sambora.

Time to change.

The story continues.

Have a beautiful day with your own miracles.

With a lot of love Elizabeth


Protege said...

Green is also a very lovely colour. Together with blue it is my favorite colour, as it signifies nature.
Have a lovely day too dear friend,

julochka said...

green is the color of spring. of rebirth. you're on the right track with green. 2010 the year of green.

Pursuing Art... said...

I love your *time to change* journal page. The ground is green and the sky is blue. ;-)

Blue represents the sea and sky and green...nature. Beautiful colors, beautiful page. XOX