Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Celtic painting


Today I continue the series of textile paintings. Starting with a celtic painting in purple for which I made the embroidery in the spring of last year, here you can read about and see the original drawing taken from a historybook.

Have a lovely wednesday.



pixelhazard said...

and a happy wednesday to you too! Your embroidery is lovely

julochka said...

really beautiful! purple is really my color of the moment. i'm seeing it everywhere!!

SE'LAH... said...

hi there...that's a beautiful piece.

hope your eye is feeling better than it did yesterday.

sending lots of positive vibes your way.

Pursuing Art... said...

Just beautiful! I remember when you stitched these. They look fantastic stitched onto your knitted piece. XOX

spudballoo said...

AHA! I know this one, I'm so honoured to have it living in my're so clever xxxx