Friday, February 19, 2010

Bridle of the heart

This post is a special one for me, hope I can find the words to describe all the little feelings who are whirling around. Some time ago I saw this movie called Straight from the heart and heard this song, Cowgirl's rodeo. Now you can preceive it as another romantic movie and song or if you are like me you keep tossing ideas around in your head.

Started thinking about the start of friendships and the end of them. The times I wanted to be friends with a particular person, who didn't gave me a blink of his or her eye. And back to the few times a person wanted to be in my life and I wasn't interested at all. Why does this happen?

To come to a conclusion I took my art-journal and started to draw a symbol.

We all have our strenghts and weaknesses which are the parts of our bridle. The way you assemble the bridle makes you succesful or not in starting the relationship. We are all free spirits and if the bridle presented isn't comfortable for whatever reason, we won't accept it.

Now since I had no idea how to draw a bridle I started surfing the net and found the picture below here. A Luristand horse bridle from Western Iran, c. 100 - 800 Bc.

When I saw that piece I was inspired to design my own bridle of the heart. The picture below is the small painting I made as a finishing to the string of thoughts.

This post has a lot of words, written to give you a grasp of the feeling and meaning behind this new found symbol at the end of this week. Thank you all for stopping by, leaving your encouraging comments & mails. they are such an encouragement to keep on travelling.

Wish you a lovely weekend with friends to chat to and who knows a creative surprises might turn up.



julochka said...

another powerful symbol! i love the way the heart in watercolors turned out in your journal. this definitely is one to ponder.

happy weekend to you!

Protege said...

Beautiful symbol with such a profound meaning.
I agree with Julie, one to ponder is the word.
I am wishing you a happy weekend too. Here I am snowed in, I am suppose to drive to work in an hour and I really am not sure I can make it out of the driveway.
I am tired of snow now.

tangled stitch said...

Its a beautiful symbol and a beautiful post. Who knows what makes us friends with some and not with others but the more people who make it into your life the better. I'm glad I found your blog and consider you a wonderful bloggy friend.

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, I think this symbol is really beautiful!!! I love the bridle in the heart with the strings of thought going through the holes and wrapped around the heart...lovely!

I haven't seen this movie. I don't know why this happens with friends...or why friends come and go in our lives. Is it perceiving someone in the wrong way, not really getting to know someone and giving them a chance, judging someone unfairly....... XOX