Monday, February 1, 2010

A bird flew in

Today a different textile painting. This bird I made last year during the easter holidays and now it has become a another textile painting. The background is knitted with bamboo yarn, which has really a very soft feeling. I embroidered the bird on the knitting in such a way that the knitting became the airstream. The history of this bird you can read here.

Have a lovely day and please feed the birds in your backyard because they are hungry and the snow isn't disappearing for another week.



Protege said...

Beautiful embroidery (LOVE the green) and so true; the birds are indeed suffering this year...
Have a lovely Monday dear friend,

Elise said...

what a beautiful bird !

Pursuing Art... said...

I love and remember this bird. It looks perfect flying in the knitted airstream! Love bamboo yarn too.

We feed the birds all year in our backyard...we enjoy them so much. I feel so sorry for them when it is snowing or icy and freezing outside...the poor things! XOXO