Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another day on my journey

The story continues. For more than 9 years I have a book about colors. Never read it, don't remember why I bought it. But each time when I was time to throw out some books I couldn't let go of this one. So I started reading about green and blue after returning from Blog camp. While reading about turquoise, one of my favorite colors (of blue) started to feel totally excited. The description of turquoise, turquoise is a mixture of blue and green with a touch of yellow. Green belongs to the heart and blue to the throat. For me it means that I am on my way of connecting my heart with my actions even more, the year of the butterfly.

To visualize this lesson I embroidered in my art-journal. 

Last week I made a Simple thing-list together with a lot of other people all around the world. When I was reading their lists this thought surfaced.

Some things never change. Listening to the wind remains important to me.

Now another co-incidence. Since this green thing knocked me over the head I long for vegetables. Loved them already a lot. Each week a couple of dinners are vegetarian but now I got myself a danish vegetarian cookbook to learn how I can incorporate even more veggies. Does any of you foodies know a cookbook for vegetarian celiacs? So I guess it is save to say that this journey will continue.

Have a great day, hope your butterfly visits you too.



Protege said...

I love vegetables, but I am a terrible cook and I could not recommend you any cook book.;)
As for the turquoise colour, I think you might enjoy my post today.;))
Have a lovely Thursday dear Elizabeth,

Bee said...

Green belongs to the heart? How interesting. Your picture of the heart and throat is such a good visual reminder; and there is something so pleasing about it.

We have a really good vegetarian cookbook called Fields of Greens, by Annie Sommerville. Not all of the recipes would be suitable for you, but it is a vast compendium -- and you could find lots of good things there. (The author is Californian; I often think that Californians do veggie best.)

Pursuing Art... said...

I didn't know that green belongs to the heart or blue to the throat. The year of the butterfly = transformation.

The vegetarian cookbooks by Annie Sommerville and Deborah Madison are wonderful. I didn't know of a veg/celiac cookbook. But when I looked for a book at, they have a cookbook called The Gluten-Free Vegan: 150 Delicious Gluten-Free, Animal-Free Recipes by Susan O'Brien, which you might like! XOX

tangled stitch said...

Green is my favorite color and I too see it's connection to the heart. Another lovely blog post!