Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend special: Beautiful Losers

Just watched a movie called Beautiful Losers. It is an art movie and it is super duper fantastic. Joetta mentioned early this week on her blog and luckily I could find it on good old you tube. If you have some time left this weekend I just have one advice: Watch it.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Reaching out

Today I want to show you a part of a project which I didn't finish. The project was called No longer a stranger. I abandoned it because I felt I invaded someone's privacy. The symbol that I do want to show you is called Reaching out.

Thank you for all the lovely comments and mails I got this past week. Blogging is like reaching out and connecting to people. You touch me in so many ways that I just keep on walking with you.

Have a lovely weekend.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thanks for coming

Today two pages out of my art-journal. I am thinking about a new large project which I want to make during the summer because it involves also paper mache. Paper mache needs to dry which is easier to do when the warmth of the sun has returned. The first page is a pot of tea with two cups which in itself isn't that exciting. But the ears of the cups together make a heart and the teapot is in pink. Pink stands for love in my mind. Now you can guess the explanation.

The second drawing is a heart with a door or window. Having an open door or window in your heart is important because than other people can see you, your gold.

These are just thoughts and in the coming months more of these will follow and eventually you can see the final piece. I hope you like to travel with me on this journey.

Have a fantastic day.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A pile of ....

After blogcamp I had the green-virus and started a project to make a blanket of granny-squares. I started it because it was and still is so cold this winter and I had an opportunity to incorporate my all time favorite blue and green. Today I want to show you how far I got.

So 45 pieces are totally finished, others are still waiting. I'm not just working on my squares, I still have some presents to finish up. It would have been lovely if they turned out the way I wanted them too but unfortunately some need a re-do.

Now to the other pile of......


These pictures are taken by my husband and shown to you to celebrate that for the first time in almost a week we didn't have fresh snow this morning!!!!

Have a lovely day.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Like a leaf in the wind


Today I have a page out of art-journal for you which is very special to me. While I was sitting with my chin on my chest for four days a lot of thoughts occupied my mind. Than Edit sent me this little gem and I listened to it over and over again. Here are the lyrics:

Right now I feel - just like a leaf on a breeze
Who knows where it's blowin'
Who knows where it's goin'
I find myself somewhere I - I never thought I'd be
Going round in circles
Thinking about you and me
How do I explain it when I don't know what to say
What do I do now - so much has changed

Nothing I have ever known - has made me feel this way
Nothing I have ever seen - has made me want to stay
but here I am - ready for you
I'm tornin', I'm fallin' - I hear my home callin'
Hey - I've never felt something so strong - oh no
It's like nothing I've ever known

Now you're the one I'm looking for
You're the one I need
You're the one that gives me - a reason to believe
Following a star - has lead to where you are
It feels so strong now - this can't be wrong now

Nothing I have ever known - has made me feel this way
Nothing I have ever seen - has made me want to stay
Here I am - ready for you
I'm tornin', I'm fallin' - I hear my home callin'
Hey - I've never felt something so strong - oh no
It's like nothing I've ever known
It's like nothing I've ever known

Right now I feel - just like a leaf on a breeze
Who knows where it's blowin'
Who knows where I'm goin'

This song inspired me to make this page for I felt like that leaf on a breeze who is on it's way to where she belongs. If you want to listen to the song just click here.

Have a fantastic day inspired by the unexpected.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Gift of Jewels

The serie Lucky girl has gotten a new episode. Last week I received an envelope filled with beautiful thoughts and gifts.

A card with a picture of the mountains of Topanga

A dreamcatcher dreambox 

with a lovely wish

And a lovely needlebook of felt in the colours baby yellow and green.

All of this I received from Claudia, a lady I never met before, who also participated in the Gift of Jewels of Se'Lah. Claudia had visited my blog and seen that I love embroidery, felt and needed to learn to incorporate green and yellow, so she made this needlebook especially for me. That leaves with only one thing to do and that is to say:  THANK YOU !!!!

Have a lovely start of your week with some surprises ahead.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Bridle of the heart

This post is a special one for me, hope I can find the words to describe all the little feelings who are whirling around. Some time ago I saw this movie called Straight from the heart and heard this song, Cowgirl's rodeo. Now you can preceive it as another romantic movie and song or if you are like me you keep tossing ideas around in your head.

Started thinking about the start of friendships and the end of them. The times I wanted to be friends with a particular person, who didn't gave me a blink of his or her eye. And back to the few times a person wanted to be in my life and I wasn't interested at all. Why does this happen?

To come to a conclusion I took my art-journal and started to draw a symbol.

We all have our strenghts and weaknesses which are the parts of our bridle. The way you assemble the bridle makes you succesful or not in starting the relationship. We are all free spirits and if the bridle presented isn't comfortable for whatever reason, we won't accept it.

Now since I had no idea how to draw a bridle I started surfing the net and found the picture below here. A Luristand horse bridle from Western Iran, c. 100 - 800 Bc.

When I saw that piece I was inspired to design my own bridle of the heart. The picture below is the small painting I made as a finishing to the string of thoughts.

This post has a lot of words, written to give you a grasp of the feeling and meaning behind this new found symbol at the end of this week. Thank you all for stopping by, leaving your encouraging comments & mails. they are such an encouragement to keep on travelling.

Wish you a lovely weekend with friends to chat to and who knows a creative surprises might turn up.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ten pieces of eye-candy

Last night I received an amazing gift from the very talented Spud.

At blogcamp she was one of the photographers who took pictures of Soul Food and they are so beautiful that I feel you just have to see them.

 It feels so special to me.

To see Soul Food through someone elses eyes.

The colours are so alive.

The felt tangible.

The symbols so finely drawn.

The train giving meaning to special dreams.

The key to open any door.

At this moment my heart is filled with gratitude and wonder. It is almost impossible to believe that I created these symbols, these beautiful tokens of time.


(If you would like to read about Soul Food from the start click here.)

Have a day filled with love for your own tokens of time.


Gift of Jewels

A few weeks ago Christina of Soulaperture organized the Simple things for Haïti. I participated and that is how I met the lovely Se'Lah of Necessary Room. Now Se'Lah organized the Gift of Jewels and since I always had a lot of penpals during my teenage years there was just one thing to do, participate.

What is the gift of jewels? I let Se'Lah explain it herself, click here to find out.

The beautiful thing about these two ladies is that they inspired me to make something special for a participant in the gift of jewels.

I knitted an envelope in all kinds of natural fibers and colours. It is done on purpose because each colour stands for a different a person. After that I made a quote-card with Friends create a world of peace.

Let's hope the gift of jewels will be a big success for all participants.

Have a day filled with friendship.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The vulcano

The other day I read this post of Jenna at Coldantlerfarm and again I thought about the vulcano of passion, the fountain of life. These thoughts seem to visit me regular these days. We all are born with an insatiable curiosity, a need to learn, an exuberant way to find joy in everything. Down the road of life this energy is covered with layers. Layers of rules and opinions of the people around us and the society at large. Our abundance drips away, slowly but surely but never completely. Some energy of our being is such a pure strenght it surfaces as long as we are not given up on living. Let's honor our impulses today. The hunches that seem totally ridiculous to our rational mind. Let's listen to the whispers and the questions asked by the wind.

While thinking I painted, a small watercolor appeared in my art-journal. 

Often I turned away from life, cried bitter tears, yelled ugly words. Not today. No blame is put on my  layers because they help me to find my purest strenght. For that I can only be grateful.

Have your perfect day!!!!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Collection of the day

There are three items today and the only thing what they have in common is me. The first one is about an award I received last week. You know a little bit about my taekwondo adventures and in august I started helping with the training of kids between 7 and 12. Why? Because I feel it is important that kids get a chance to experience all that taekwondo has to offer and no one wanted to help the trainer who works her nice behind of for these kids.
So as a token of their appreciation I was awarded the title Trainer of the Year and a present. A little bit silly but it is a nice way to say thank you.

The second part of my collection is another Oh, I'm  so proud. The following picture is from the crocodile my seven year old son made at school. Probably with a lot of guidance and help from his teacher but hé who's questioning. (The photo isn't really good, a better one you can find here)

The third part is my latest fashion statement. Yes, you read that correctly. I am making a fashion statement here on the island. Uhum, Uhum. After my eye-surgery my eye looked not so pretty, understatement. For me that wasn't a problem but the kids didn't want to look at me when we talked. Now that is a no no situation. So the first few days I had the hospital solution but didn't really liked it. So with the help of Karen I made this and you know what: Everybody is looking at me. Why?

Have a lovely monday.


Friday, February 12, 2010

A special textile painting

This is also one of the embroidery pieces I made last year. The original post your can find here. To embroider the piece on the knitted background gave me some problems, fortunately it worked out in the end.


Thank you for visiting Landanna this week, hope you enjoyed yourself and that you found some inspiration to express your own creativity. 

Have a great weekend filled with lovely promises.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

A shell in blue

Today a painting of one of the symbols I embroidered on Soul Food., the old post about this symbol you can find here


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Celtic painting


Today I continue the series of textile paintings. Starting with a celtic painting in purple for which I made the embroidery in the spring of last year, here you can read about and see the original drawing taken from a historybook.

Have a lovely wednesday.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Class 101

The post of today is one to answer as many questions as possible which  I received but couldn't answer last week. So let's start with a lesson on eye-haemorrhage 101. you see the inside of an eye. Now on the drawing you see a line going from the lens to the optical cells. In any part of our body we have very small bloodvessels, one of these very small bloodvessels broke in my eye and lost a small amount of blood. Unfortunately it happend at the place in my eye were the optical cells lay.

This happend monday afternoon a week ago but I didn't go to the doctor straight away because of the snowstorm and a feeling of 'oh it will pass'. On wednesday morning I went to the doctor. He immediately referred me to an eyespecialist. She made pictures of the inside of my eye, called the hospital and informed me to get straight over there. They were expecting me. So some more pictures were taken and the only option was eyesurgery. Now some gas had to be blown into my vitreous humor. The operation wasn't painful at all. Although I was very nervous because it just sounded scary to me, eyesurgery.

While I was laying on the operationtable waiting for the anaesthesia to set in, I heard some music on the radio. The first few songs were Danish songs, I grew more and more nervous but than I pleasant surprise reached my ear. If you want to know who it was click here. Now I could relax a little bit.

So the doctor did what was needed and gave me orders to keep my head down in 45 degrees, which means to keep you chin on your chest. That sounds pretty straight forward until you have to do it for 4 days for as many hours as you can stand it. My eyesight was depending on it, so it was almost a 24/7 task for me. Don't ask how much my neck and back were hurting.

But with your kind comments and mails, with the musical wishes of Edit and the prospect of a visit of Julie I got through.

Today I went back to the hospital to check for the last time the outcome of the surgery. Unfortunately no good news. The blood moved a bit but not enough to give me back my sight. That doesn't mean that all is lost because the body including the eye has an amazing way of cleaning itself. Now I just have to be patient and wait about 8 weeks until the doctor can give the final word. He measured the layer of blood and it is only 0,3 mm thick, so I just keep my fingers crossed.

Now how do you know if you had a haemorrhage in your eye. You see a circle and within that circle a straight line isn't straight. After a while this circle becomes a blackspot. Now why do I tell you this? Because it can happen to anybody, a sneeze or cough can be enough. So if you are so lucky, don't think about snowstorms but get to the hospital right away. I promise you, it won't hurt and the sooner you get the surgery the higher the success rate because the blood is more fluid.

This was the 101-class. Hope your questions are answered and thanks again for your support.

Love you  all.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another day on my journey

The story continues. For more than 9 years I have a book about colors. Never read it, don't remember why I bought it. But each time when I was time to throw out some books I couldn't let go of this one. So I started reading about green and blue after returning from Blog camp. While reading about turquoise, one of my favorite colors (of blue) started to feel totally excited. The description of turquoise, turquoise is a mixture of blue and green with a touch of yellow. Green belongs to the heart and blue to the throat. For me it means that I am on my way of connecting my heart with my actions even more, the year of the butterfly.

To visualize this lesson I embroidered in my art-journal. 

Last week I made a Simple thing-list together with a lot of other people all around the world. When I was reading their lists this thought surfaced.

Some things never change. Listening to the wind remains important to me.

Now another co-incidence. Since this green thing knocked me over the head I long for vegetables. Loved them already a lot. Each week a couple of dinners are vegetarian but now I got myself a danish vegetarian cookbook to learn how I can incorporate even more veggies. Does any of you foodies know a cookbook for vegetarian celiacs? So I guess it is save to say that this journey will continue.

Have a great day, hope your butterfly visits you too.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hej you all,

Thank you all for visiting today. I can't get back to you individually because I had eyesurgery todäy. Earlier this week I had a bleeding in my eye which took my eyesight away of my right eye.

For tomorrow I had already scheduled a post, so that will be up but I have to take a break from blogosphere. I hope that some of my eyesight has returned next week.

Love you all and thanks for your lovely green words.

xoxox Elizabeth

Changing times

Yesterday I told you how green entered my life in a different way. At blog camp I became totally obsessed with this green idea. So when it was time to start our art-journal it was time to explore.

Felt really brave to paint a whole page green.

Suddenly I started thinking about a song called When a blind man cries by Richard Sambora.

Time to change.

The story continues.

Have a beautiful day with your own miracles.

With a lot of love Elizabeth

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sometimes .....

During a conversation at breakfast on Blog camp Bee mentioned that each Zodiac-symbol is connected with a color. And because Julie had a computer on her lap everyone got their Zodiac-color. This is the main-page so you can find your own color if you are interested.

When it was my turn and Julie told me my color. My reaction.

Camille made a beautiful page of it.

Now the night before we had exchanged presents in the Blue room. From Spud, we all got a lovely heart-shaped pin each in a different color. Now I was so happy because it was so beautiful and I got the blue one, that is my color. I even stated that too B a couple of times. 
On saturday evening Kristina came and opened her presents and she got a blue heart-shaped pin. My brain began buzzing because Spud had stated that there was one of each color and Kristina's was definitely blue. I ran upstairs and took my pin.

Everybody started laughing and I felt knocked out. Tomorrow I will tell you the next episode.

Have a lovely, green day.


Monday, February 1, 2010

A bird flew in

Today a different textile painting. This bird I made last year during the easter holidays and now it has become a another textile painting. The background is knitted with bamboo yarn, which has really a very soft feeling. I embroidered the bird on the knitting in such a way that the knitting became the airstream. The history of this bird you can read here.

Have a lovely day and please feed the birds in your backyard because they are hungry and the snow isn't disappearing for another week.