Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two brooches

Today I want to show you two brooches I created during the christmas holiday. The first one I created for the give-away of Soul Food. The chosen symbol was the ropeladder. The meaning of the ropeladder is to help and remind us to climb up again. It took me some time to think of an object that would fit this symbol and the story of this person. I made it with the darkest blue felt, which stands for growth and pink, which stands for love.

The brooche is made in three layers because I wanted to put an extra reminder for the love of life in it. Now the story gets a little bit sad. Although she has no idea what I made for her she decided not to accept my gift. So this brooche is like a baby who awaits to be adopted.

The second brooche I made for myself as small reminder of my Soul Food project. So I felted three layers in the Soul Food colours and used the darkest blue felt for the back. I hope your not sick of me babbeling on about Soul Food, that project had such a large impact on me last year that it is hard not to think about it anymore.

This leaves me to wish you a day filled with wonder. Have a great day.



Protege said...

Beautiful works, they remind me of my own little present from you (the stitching).;) It still spreads heavenly scent around, now it is in my kitchen.;)
Do I understand this right; you made a gift for someone and it was rejected?? That is very strange and very hard to believe and I am sorry about that.;) I am sure one day you will find the right person to give it to; life works in mysterious ways.;)

julochka said...

the brooches are sad that the little ladder wasn't can that be? i'm really sorry to hear it.

and as far as i'm concerned, you can go on and on about soul food as much as you want. i actually really miss it.

B said...

I can never get tired of Soul Food!
How sad that the present wasn't accepted, it's such a beautiful and thoughtful present!

Pursuing Art... said...

I love these brooches and their meaning! They are both beautiful!

Elizabeth?...this post made me cry. I hope the girl that had no idea that you made her something so special, isn't me?!! My heart feels like it is me. The only reason I passed on being included in your give-away is because you were making something for everyone and I just felt so fortunate and lucky to have something stitched and made with love from you already! I would *always* accept a gift from you...I hope you know that! Maybe this friend is not me. If it is me, I'm so sorry. I wouldn't ever want to hurt your feelings or anyone's feelings!! What I truly meant was that I just felt so honored to have something so special from you already, my friend.

If you haven't found someone to adopt the ropeladder brooch, I would love to adopt it. It would always remind me of you and your heart filled Soul Food quilt. I do remember that symbol and its meaning and my comment to you too. My heart feels like this girl is me...

A big hug from me...