Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The simple things

Christina, the beautiful soul of Aperture, gave us another opportunity to write a new list of the simple joys of life.  So I thought to give it a try.


A bowl of hot soup
Delicious vegetables
Fresh fruits
And a cup of hot tea
To take care of my every need.

A needle
A thread
A piece of cloth
My art-journal
To affirm my excistence.

To dance to
To get a good work-out
And friends you share my delight.

A friend
A place of shelter

And a window without snow so I can see what is going on in the rest of the world.

Have a lovely day while writing your list.



SE'LAH... said...

a friend. a hot cup of tea. always seem to lift me up. Nice list here.

One love

Cyndy said...

Dear Elizabeth, I come to you via Christina. What a lovely list, simple, yet the things that make us all thankful for the days we live. Lovely.

country girl said...

a place of shelter. yes.
thank you for your beautiful list.

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing your list. very simple and sweet.

Char said...

a beautiful list - and warm soup today, yes please.

Christina said...

yes, a thread... a needle. so simple yet, so comforting.
so glad i am here. your blog is just beautiful.

Yiota said...

music, dancing, hot soup ... things close to my heart

Teresa O said...

A needle, thread, and stitching a lovely simple things list together. I'm glad I stopped by.

Protege said...

Beautiful list with beautiful things. The simple pleasures, what could be more appealing.;)

Sherry said... soup and hot tea...they both spell comfort to me and in the winter, comfort is just such a simple pleasure!!

Lovely list!

iasa said...

you may want the snow to leave, but the photo of it on the window was a pleasure for me.

I'm glad we don't get snow down here.

beth said...

we would get along quite tea, art journaling and dancing.....I love those things, too !

marinik said...

enjoy your day as well, and a bowl of hot soups sounds really good :)

bekkah said...

mmmm, fresh fruit. I don't eat it nearly as much during the winter's about this time of year I start missing it. A wonderful list!

Shell said...

A lovely list.

julochka said...

that is a lovely list. and my windows looked like that yesterday too. today, it's cleared off, but it's COLD out there! and windy!

i'm really glad you played along on the simple things.

now i want some soup...

Relyn said...

Your list is a poem. Ponderings on what is required for a good life. I love it! So nice to meet you.

Pursuing Art... said...

Perfect and beautiful list! XO