Friday, January 15, 2010

A lucky girl again!!!

 Last week I told you that I got lucky again in a give-away. This time it was the give-away of Beth of Tangled sky studio.


And this is my beautiful Full house. It is drop gorgeous, I am really happy with it.


Do you remember my coolest post ever. Now Beth also sent me a little card. On the card is a girl with wings and on her dress is the word Embrace. As far as I know Beth hasn't seen that post, so a little co-incidental encouragement. Beth, thank you such much for your generous gift, I enjoy and treasure it.

Now I am off to Blog camp, my suitcase is packed, my plane is waiting. If you want to know what we are doing up in the Blue room, visit us at the blog. On monday I will be back and probably have a lot to tell and show.

For now I wish you the best weekend with lots of creativity and laughter.



Mary said...

Have a fantastic time

and beautiful give aways!

Protege said...

Congratulations on your win! What a gorgeous gift.;) Enjoy the blog camp.;)

karen said...

I agree, full house is absolutely gorgeous.

Pursuing Art... said...

I really enjoyed all your picture postcards...*beautiful* photos and such fun to see! Those two birds are so cute!

Inspiration?...Life itself and nature always.

Love full house and how perfect is the girl with butterfly wings! ;-)