Friday, January 8, 2010

A lazy friday

Today there are three things I want like to share with you. This picture was made while we were at a much need walk during the christmas season. A lot of snow and the lake looked like totally frozen over. This place is about 5 minutes from our house and it gives the possibility to walk for hours a long side the water through the hills with the fields of the farmers. No matter what time of year I love to take a walk there.

Now on the first on January something special happend. No, I am not referring to the butterfly. Let me start at the beginning. On the 31th of December of last year I was visiting some blogs which I like and saw that Beth had a give away. So I entered because she is a very talented lady and I love her paintings. To my very big surprise I won. That meant a big party for one with a lot of music. (My husband came to see if everything was allright with me, LOL) I was and still am totally over the moon of joy. Why was it so very special to me? The title of the painting is Full House . This painting really adds a beautiful piece of the puzzle in the House or home-project. I am still thinking about that project and think about how to get to another level with it. So if you want to see it, click on Full House. And while you are at Beth's place look around and you will see why I like her work.

Now it is time to let you in on something totally different but very special that has brought a lot of joy to my ears this last week. I found it after listening to an interview. Two songs, the first one is by Bryan Adams singing the Sam Cooke song Good times. The second song is sung by Smokey Robinson  and Bryan Adams and is called  Bring it on home. Good music and a lot of joy while performing, what more can I ask for.

Hope you will have as much fun during your weekend as Smokey and Bryan had on stage and I had with this special find.




Protege said...

Congratulations on your win.;)
Love the picture of the snowy landscape, so very Danish...
I will listen to your songs now, I am sure I will love them.
Have a great Friday dear friend,

karen said...

have fun listening to your music, my speakers are broken so I am forced to blog in silence!

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, the snowy picture is to see your pictures and your home.

Congrats on winning the Full House Block is beautiful!!!

Oooo, I love both these songs, but especially like bring it on home.

XO ~me

P.S. Be back a bit later. Youngest and girlfriend are on their way for dinner. Talk soon.