Friday, January 29, 2010

Growing together

This is an embroidery scribble I made after the celtic double cross. This painting is special for me because it has the symbol growing together on it. A symbol I didn't use on Soul Food, why not? Hmm!!!!

Well thank you all for stopping by this week, hope you enjoyed your stay at Landanna.

Have a fantastic weekend filled with all the goodies you wish for.



Protege said...

Sorry, I am bit late today.;) I like this one very much as I like what it stands for; unity. Friendship. Maybe even love. Growing old together perhaps.
Have a lovely Friday,

julochka said...

hey, i know that one! :-) growing together indeed. i think these symbols increase in meaning with each passing day.

i'm writing as we "speak" about your clarity symbol.

happy weekend to you!


spudballoo said...

This is lovely...I keep 'touching' my celtic symbol on the lovely picture you made for me. i don't know why but I need to 'feel' it as well as touch it? You're so clever. xx

karen said...

this is beautiful stitching and I just love the way it looks placed on the knitting, what a lovely contrast.

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, I really like this's so beautiful! ~Lisa