Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Finally, the first of the give-away gifts is at her destination. The package was sent before christmas but due to the christmas-post and the weather it took til yesterday to arrive. I already started to become nervous that it somehow had disappeared. So therefore a sigh of relief.

Tony of Dwelling here now choose the symbol synchronicity as his favorite symbol of the Soul Food project. For his symbol I chose a ready made painting canvas and embroidered straight on that. Never done that before, it sounds easy but it was more tricky to get these three shades of blue on the canvas in straight lines.

Tony, congratulations again on your win and thank you for all the compliments. I'm very happy my symbol found a new home.

I want to thank everybody who stopped by yesterday. As far as I recall I never had so many comments and emails about one post. Loved it.

Have a lovely day.



Protege said...

Beautiful symbol.
Your soul food project was very intriguing.
I am not surprised many people stopped by your place, it is a serene and tranquil place and you always have something of substance to say.
Have a lovely Wednesday, here it is snowing - again.

julochka said...

i stitched on a canvas once, it is hard, because if you make a mistake, there's really no hiding those holes you make!

very well done!

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, it's beautiful! I'm sure Tony just adores it, E! ;-)