Monday, January 25, 2010

Celtic painting

Today I want to show you a celtic painting. The embroidery is made in april for the blanket-project but this project don't seem to be happening. (Sorry Mary) Therefore I made a painting of it otherwise this piece is just laying around in a folder.

The last few weeks I have been making a number of these paintings and I am still working on a few. So there are more paintings to come.

Have a lovely monday.



julochka said...

i really love this notion of a painting in stitches. and of course, i love the one i got at blog camp. i have it near my side of the bed, to remind me that we have to grow together. constantly.

happy monday to you!

Protege said...

Beautiful! You know that anything Celtic is very special to me.;) Love it.;)
Have an absolutely splendid Monday, here it is sunny! Yay!

Mary said...

never mind about the blanket - as long as you are still creating..

and scott is happy to sign a print so I just need to see him next week!

Pursuing Art... said...

Beautiful stitching...I love it!