Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vintage embroidery

Today some pictures I took of my embroidery books. I have a small collection of craftbooks and most projects are not for me, still I can learn from the craftwomenship and draw inspiration from them.

This picture above is from a book published in 1980, bought this book at our local thriftshop because of this project. This hassock is made with pieces of felt which are embroidered. How many symbols could I incorporate do you think? 

Here a detailed picture.

This is a picture of a wall hanging from a dutch book, dated 1973. Fell in love with this piece because of the various techniques that are used and hoped one day I could make a piece like this.

Have a lovely day where the past and your envisioned future will bring you today.



Protege said...

Beautiful, I love both artworks. They are very different from each other, but each has an unique appeal.;)
Have a great day my friend,

Mary said...

That hassock is extraordinary.

I think I might be lusting after it!

ger said...

They´re indeed both inspring...

julochka said...

that's the one you meant that was like the one in my swedish book! i'm definitely trying to save bits and pieces of felt to make such a thing, maybe combining this idea and the one in my book and covering a little footstool or something. :-) now to find one in the flea markets. :-)

Pursuing Art... said...

Absolutely love the hassock! How many symbols...LOTS...there are still more symbols in you, E! ;-)