Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Think !!!

Some of you already know that I was and still am totally blown away by the spoons of Cathy made with the paper maché technique. At the moment I saw them, all these months ago, I found a moment of total clarity (Thanks Julie). Every piece you read each day has an effect on your being and therefore it is, to me, very important to be aware of this process.

So as you know me, I have been writing a lot about it in my journals and last summer this idea came up. I made a number of cards with lessons I learned while making Soul Food, I knitted around a strawberry carton and together with the chopsticks I can eat carefully. Now something really funny happened the other day, I found this in my mailbox. A very big smile turned up on my face and a joy in my heart as you can imagine.

Have a great day filled with the things you love.



Protege said...

Yes, the life coincidences, right.;) I must say it must have taken a while to knit the cover for the whole machinery, but it looks gorgeous.;)
It is always a pleasure to stop by here while I have my morning coffee.;)

julochka said...

i do love that motorcycle. sigh.

and i just checked out cathy's flickr...she's doing some AMAZING stuff! thanks for the inspiration, as always.

hope you have a great day!

Pursuing Art... said...

Love the lessons and your knitted stawberry carton! Really smiled when I saw what you found in your mailbox! ;-)