Friday, December 4, 2009

Social imprisonment

Today I have a drawing for you from my journal. It is one of the thoughts I had while I was working on the book Worlds. Never realized before so intensely how many rules there are written and unwritten to make this society function. In the drawing you can see the rules men get from women, women get from men and how that ties the possibility of free movement.

Another week has come and gone. I'm working really hard to finish the give-away presents and hopefully next week I can sent two of them home. Thanks for stopping by this week and all the lovely comments and emails. This week I  compared them to christmas presents, each present is fantastic, thank you for all the love you sent me.

Have a great weekend filled with creativity and a burst of laughter.



Protege said...

Yes, you got something there, we push ourselves and others, putting restrictions and demands on our loved ones. How terrible that truly is...
Have a wonderful weekend as well,
much love

karen said...

you have a lovely weekend too!!x

tangled stitch said...

Same too you about the weekend and love the illustrations yes there are way too many rules!

julochka said...

we're veritably trapped in a web of rules, aren't we. i think it's good that we don't necessarily think about that all the time. it could be quite paralyzing.

Pursuing Art... said...

Nice journal drawing! LOTS of written and unwritten rules in our world...;-)