Friday, December 11, 2009

From my two puffles

Today I have some paintings from my boys which they made at school and I really liked because of the colors they used.

Are they extremely talented? No, still I'm very proud of them and their work.

Thank you all for stopping by this week, leaving the inspiring comments and making me a  part of your life. Next week will be a projectweek again with the title House or Home.

Have a fantastic weekend and I'll hope to see you monday.



julochka said...

i love the middle one best, but the ducks are super sweet! a great note on which to end the week.

happy weekend to you!

Protege said...

I am not an art expert, but all I can say is: WOW!
They ARE talented, extremely actually. The colour composition is astounding. I painted as a child and continued through out my teenage years in fact I applied for art academy when I was 16 but was rejected, which affected me and I never tried to apply again. But I still continued painting as a hobby, although these days it is rarely as I have no time.;)
You know the paintings above my reds sofa? They are my initial creations from my teens.;)
Have a lovely Friday an weekend,

Mary said...

I could not agree more - the colours are glorious!

Elise said...

what talented puffles you have ! love that word !! Have a great week

Pursuing Art... said...

These are so wonderful, Elizabeth! Your boys are very talented just like their mom!

I hope you are saving most of their art pieces...what fun to share with them later in life!