Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas stuff

Gifts for us?

 Shells decorating the tree.

A danish traditional.

Have a lovely time in the kitchen.



Protege said...

So right you are, it is kitchen time!
Enjoy your "Lille Juleaften".;)
Love all the ornaments.;)

Mary said...

must learn how to make that danish traditional!

And I spy something that looks Aboriginal in there!

julochka said...

i tried to make one of those danish traditional ones last year and discovered how incredibly uncoordinated i really am.

i love the variety of your decorations. i've been so stuck to the purple thing for so many years...i've got to slowly phase some other handmade ornaments in, for sure!

merry christmas!

Pursuing Art... said...

So fun to see your ornaments, Elizabeth!

Hope you've been enjoying your time in the kitchen and getting ready for the holiday! XOX