Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas stuff

 Mr. Owl sharing his wisdom.

Ideas flying in.

Enjoy yourself.


Protege said...

Love the owl, as I love birds and owls always appeal to me, due to their calmness.;)
Sorry I am a bit late today, I am off work and slept in long!;)
I am sitting here with my fresh coffee and roles, the fire is going and outside it is snow storm. LOVE IT!
So, do you think we will get white Christmas this year Elizabeth?;) Or will it all be gone when it gets warmer tomorrow.:(
Stay warm dear friend,

julochka said...

your owl is so sweet!! i agree with zuzana that they have a calmness that's very appealing.

Pursuing Art... said...

Love the owl too! I love owls...especially fond of old wise owls! ;-) But I love all birds and "ideas flying in". XO