Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Soul Food (part 80)

Well it is no secret that music is VERY important to me. So that is why I decided to make a short list of artists that kept me company the last few months.
Why do I like music? I like music for their lyrics, for their guitars, for the voices I hear, for the emotions expressed, for the joy the artists seem to have on stage, for the memories who are attached to them, for helping me through the turbulations of life, for the comfort and the joy. for helping me travelling home, I just have to love music, my life depends on it.

Andy and friends Stand by me
BB King and friends Rock me baby
BB King Key to the highway
Bee Gees Massachusetts
Bee Gees I started a joke

Bonjovi I got the girl
Bonjovi Stick to your guns
Bruce Springsteen The River
Chris van Loan Going nowhere fast
Danny O'Flaherty Angels in twilight

Deep Purple Smoke on the water
Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers We got the night
Don Henley Heart of the matter
Eagles Learn to be still
Eagles Get over it

Elvis Presley In the getto
Gary Moore Need your love
Gavin DeGraw We belong together
Herman's Hermits No milk today
Kenny Rogers I can't unlove you

Meatloaf I would do anything for you
Meatloaf For crying out loud
Quinn Sulivan with Buddy Guy a jam
Richard Sambora Undiscovered Soul
Richard Sambora Ballad of Youth

Roy Orbinson Crying
Scott MacKenzie San Francisco
Silhuethes Guitar talk
Simon and Garfunkel Bridge over troubled water
Stevie Ray Vaughn Empty arms

Susan Boyle Wild Horses
Ten Sharp You
Ten years after with Alvin Lee Bluest blues
Ten years after with Alvin Lee Outside my window
Whitney Houston All the man I need

Well 35 songs will have to do for now. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have done and please feel free to share your own favorites, give me something new, something special, a gift from your heart.

One last addition, one more song that is the summary for Soul Food. Thank you for keeping me company while I am travelling home.

Have a fabulous thursday.



Mary said...

Bruce Springsteen's The River gets me everytime - I adore it!

Anything by Nina Simone !

Protege said...

So many good songs! I love music too and so i can relate to the sentiment of how important it is in our lives. Very much like you, have a wide taste and different compilations speak to me due to different reasons.
I was delighted to see that you listed Ten Sharp and "You", one of my favorite love songs. In fact I have posted it on my blog here.
Have a nice Thursday, although it is again a rainy one.;)

julochka said...

what? no alanis morissette? or sheryl crow? or tori amos (i would have thought you were a tori amos person), regina spektor?

will have to come back and check these out when i'm somewhere where i can listen. :-)

i agree that music makes life worth living.

Pursuing Art... said...

Thank you for sharing! Boy, do we like the same music, unbelievable!I couldn't help but smile and enjoy listening for awhile too. I know all these songs. You are an old rock n' roll girl like me (Ten Years After, BB King, and really surprised me that you had Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water)! And you love the beautiful music and lyrics of deep hearted songs just like I do.

Music is in our heart and soul!

XOXO ~me