Monday, November 9, 2009

Soul Food (part 78)

Soul Food is about all that life has in store for me and all I have in store to give.

Soul Food is like a long letter which is never sent.

Soul Food is about finding peace.

Soul Food is about my love for taekwondo.

Soul Food is about the spices of life.

Let me tell you one last Soul Food mystery. For weeks I have been thinking about what makes life special. Each time the answer was relationships. Each relationship is different, each person brings something special yet to be noticed. Although feeling strongly about it, how was I to symbolize this special feeling.

Until I read this post at Domestic Sensualists I had no idea. But when I saw the tray of spices I couldn't have been more happy. I found my symbol. Relationships are the spices of life. If you look closely to the symbol you can see that the small circles are embroidered in two different ways. The one in the center has both these stitches and make together a circle. There are two explanations for this.

In the first one the large circle is life in general, the small circles are random people, the circle in the middle is person you with whom you connect.

The second explanation of this symbol is that the large circle is a relationship between two people. The small circles are the different talents and habits each person brings to this relationship. The circle in the middle is their deepest connection, the moment they join their love and strenght for one another.

So thanks again Julie for your help to find the best symbols.

Wish you all a lovely day filled with your spices.



Protege said...

That is so very true. We are almost defined by the interactions and the relationships we form and maintain each and every day, through out our life.

Pursuing Art... said...

More beautiful thoughts on Soul Food and I adore all the new symbols you added too!

Love the symbol for relationships and your thoughts on how they are the spice of life! They do make our life special and contribute to who we are.

Thank you for enriching our lives with some of your spice...XOX

tangled stitch said...

Fabulous! Thank God for relationships and blogginess and good real friends too. Love the simple of spicieness. Happy trails.

B said...

You are right, it's the person we meet and the relationships we create with them that form our life and influence our outlook.
PS> I love the envelope!

julochka said...

i'm so happy the indian spice container inspired you. i love that when you put things out there into the world, you never know what will speak to someone or what it will say. now i wish i was going to india so i could bring one back to you. well, almost. because i'm really not that fond of india. but i love the meaning you gave it and i will look at my spice tin with new eyes now myself.

mwah (as spud would say).


Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Beautiful. And I love the symbolism.

I find that blogging is integral part of that circle, it makes it spin, to a degree.