Monday, November 9, 2009

Soul Food (part 77)

Soul food is about change.

Soul Food is about picking up the pieces.

Soul Food is about combining life's lessons, craftmanship and perseverance.

Soul Food is about love in all its forms and all its varieties.

Soul Food is about realizing what the end of the rainbow is giving me.

Soul Food set me in an upward movement.

Soul Food made me realize I am ready to take the next flight.

As you all know this is the final week of Soul Food. I'm very excited (couldn't sleep last night) about this week and all the stuff I want to share with you. To make it just as excited for you I decided to do a give-away. What do you have to do? Just leave a comment this week and tell me about your favorite symbol. I will make an object, haven't decided yet what it wil be, with the symbol you choose. If you have a symbol of your own, share it with me and I will try to do my best to make it. If you have more than one, just let me know. Next monday I will announce the winner, who than has to be patient because I still have to make the present.

This is all for today. I hope to see you tomorrow again. Have a fabulous start of your week.



Protege said...

Ah, last week? I will miss *soul food*. But congratulations on reaching the finish line.;)
Wonder what yo will do next...
I have loved all your symbols as they mean different things in different situations.
In these you list here LOVE is the most important though, at least to me.;)
Have a lovely Monday,

B said...

Oh, Elizabeth! What a difficult, difficult decision! The lighthouse? The suitcase? The bike? I loved all of those! And also the synchronicity symbols... But my favourite is probably the clover made of four hearts!
I'm sad that Soul Food is coming to an end, but looking forward to seeing what you do next!

Kandra said...

Hey :) You signed up for a PAY IT FORWARD on my blog 11 months ago... However, I need your address to send you the gift :) If you could send it to mindboggld at gmail dot com that would be great!

In reference to :

tangled stitch said...

What a beautiful journey. My favorite was the ladder.

Tony Lawlor said...

A beautiful, tender and powerful journey. Can't get enough soul food. It's satisfying with each taste while it calls us to engage more. My favorite is the synchronicity symbol.

Mary said...

I am going to miss Soul Food too...


Pursuing Art... said...

I love your thoughts about Soul Food, Elizabeth! What a beautiful journey...

You are so sweet to do a give-away. I would like to ask a favor of you though, please exclude me from your drawing?! Not because I wouldn't love the chance to win, but because I am already so fortunate to cherish a beautiful *PEACE* stitching from you! I think it would be lovely if another friend had a chance to receive something so special!!

But I would love to share my favorite(s) with doubt my favorite symbol(s) are all of the hearts!!! I am very fond of the swedish heart, blocks of experience, energy swirling...ALL the hearts. Because the heart represents love, life, compassion, emotion, spirit, intellect, truth, trust, hope and peace.

I adore the peace symbols, the seasons, the suitcase, roots, music notes, seeds you sow and the ladder and lighthouse. Actually, I adore them all!!!

Sending you much love...Sleep well and see you tomorrow! XOX ~Lisa

julochka said...

ok, i'm sitting in a cafe with wifi in norway and i just went back and looked at every single soul food entry. i can't really narrow it to just one and i know that along the way, i declared that several were my favorite yet.

i love the hands holding the earth in felt in #47 and i love the symbol you used in #2 and the french knots of #42 and #26 and the purple tree of #19 and the building block heart in #12. i also like that one that depicts the headache, but right now, i can't remember which number that is.

i think a lot about your soul food project, as you know, as i can't stop thinking about what you will do with it now. it has to be somewhere where you see it every day and it reminds you of all of those things. but sometimes i think you should take it out only on special occasions because then you won't grow accustomed to it and stop seeing it like you might do if it were right there every day. so i'm torn. but i really do think about it quite often.

i'll miss soul food, but i can't wait to see what occupies you next.