Monday, November 2, 2009

Soul Food (part 72)

This week I will be showing you the symbols I made last week. The first one is 84. In 1984 a big chance took place in my life. Since it is now almost 25 years ago I thought to give it a place on Soul Food. Sarah Ban Breatnach would call it an anniversary of the heart.

The second one is called loneliness.

Well, the weather update for today is: It is raining, raining and raining.

Have a day filled with blessings.



Protege said...

Ah, 1984 always reminds me of George Orwell and the book with the same name we had to read in school. And the introduction of Apples Macintosh.;)
Ah yes, it is raining and raining, always nice to know anther blog buddy is sharing the same lousy weather.;)
Have a great Monday,

julochka said...

i think loneliness is very evocative...that the group on the left are all the same and the one lonely one is the same colors, but opposite very well conveys loneliness. (tho' i did think it looked like little sperms for a minute again). :-) what is up with that?

julochka said...

raining, raining, raining here too. really cold rain. i guess that's november!

Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Elizabeth...thought I'd be back sooner than today!

Thank you for your email pressure...just thought I'd share some music that you might enjoy!

The event in 1984, must have been special...espeically because you refer to it as an anniversary of the heart!

Love the flowers for the symbol of loneliness...beautiful!'s been gray and raining *buckets* here too! OXO