Thursday, December 3, 2009

Book of Worlds VIII

World of rock music

Today the page were this whole idea came from, the last page of the book. There are many more worlds, like the world of the poor or rich, the world of fashion, the world of politics, the world of the movies, the world of the future, the blogosphere, etc.. Each world has it's own unwritten rules. It is like the aunt of Elizabeth in Pride & Prejudice said: "We moved in very different circles."

The last page of the book means also the last song of Bryan Adams, for now. The song today is the song that got me on the path of my new musical love, it is called:  Have you ever loved a woman? Again a live version, just love live versions more than special made videos.

Now one last view on the book of Worlds before I leave you to travel again on your own in your own world. The book is now put together and is totally finished.

Have a great day!



Protege said...

I love this whole concept of your book, so different an so inspiring.
I also understand how suddenly a song can affect you and make you see something new.
I love all the compilations you have shared.
Have a wonderful day,
PS: I agree btw that one pot of coffee or tea would not be enough.;)

julochka said...

i love these projects you do, where you start and finish things. :-) i have so many works-in-progress it's pure madness. :-)

B said...

I love this book! And I love Bryan Adams, so I've really enjoyed this project!

Pursuing Art... said...

Each world does have it's own unwritten rules. This last page and the book finished looks fantastic.

Bryan Adams songs are awesome...he'll last forever! ;-)

Thank you for sharing your Book of Worlds and music...XO