Thursday, October 29, 2009

Soul Food (part 70)


Today the symbols are about synchronicity and the twin soul experiences. For me these coincidences are related. Although I don't know how this energy works exactly it still captures my attention and fascinates each time around. The story of Patricia Joudry is a good example of it.

twin soul

Have a lovely day filled with the things that are important to you.



Tony Lawlor said...

Maybe the synchronicity of twins souls is the recognition that they are one fabric of soul appearing as separate wrinkles. Maybe this recognition stitches together the misconception that we are isolated from one another, forgetting the threads of soul that already connect us.

Pursuing Art... said...

Hmmm....always a thought for conversation. I agree, I don't know how, but it leaves you with a sense of wonder! I do believe there are no accidents...rather, it's karma.

Have you seen the movie 'Somewhere in time' with Jane Seymour and Christopher is a twin soul reunion...if you haven't, I think you might enjoy it...XOXO

P.S. I love *the journey* on your side bar...I love Mary Oliver!!! Beautiful, E!

Pursuing Art... said...

P.S. Had to come back and say that Tony's comment above really touched my heart and gave me food for thought...very insightful and beautiful thoughts, E!!! XOX ~me