Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Soul Food (part 69)

Today's post is called hope because in hope lies tomorrow. When dawn charged away the deep dark night. A shower of rain will wash the pain away and the warmth of the sun is there to comfort you. Anything that is left will be cleared by a small breeze.

This ropeladder will help you and me to climb up again and see our light burning to keep us safe will sailing through life.

Have a lovely day.

PS. This song is keeping me company today.


B said...

I'm imagining myself climbing the ladder to the top of the light house! So romantic!

tangled stitch said...

Hope is a wonderful sentiment, without it we are lost and the ladder is lovely also!

julochka said...

i really love the lighthouse. and the thoughts are excellent, as always.

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, I love both of these! Three of my favorite words are Hope...Faith...Love.

I will remember to climb that ladder and find that light burning in me to keep me safe while sailing through life...lovely! Beautiful stitching on the light house!!!

Oh, the Eagles have stood the test of time...don't you love them?! So much meaning in all their songs...think I know every song.

Even if your heart is breakin
it's waiting for you to awaken
and someday you will
learn to be still...
learn to be still...

Very touching..thank you! XO