Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Soul Food (part 68)

This symbol I embroidered about two weeks ago and the feeling than was that being a woman has big influence on my being and the way I look at things. Yesterday another dimension was added to my awareness by reading an article in a dutch newspaper. The article was about the power of the money that women earn. If you are interested in this subject and want some food for thought click here or here or here. The articles are in english.

Well, I also found a piece of music for our daily inspiration.

Enjoy yourselfs.


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Pursuing Art... said...

Well, I love the woman symbol!

Very interesting articles and I couldn't agree more that most women place a premium on values...love, health, honesty, emotional well-being and community. "Take care of those core values and companies and people can connect with women"...I agree!

Women do face so many pressures wearing so many hats and finding the right work/life balance...it isn't easy. I think women do want more and it seems *time* is a big one.

I'm certainly glad I don't live in New York...and Sweden sounds nice! ;-)

Love Bon Jovi and this song! XOX