Monday, October 26, 2009

Soul Food (part 67)

Last weekend we were invited by friends to come for dinner and I decided to make norwegian waffles. Normally I always make belgian waffles but I just found this recipe so I thought to give it a try. With the waffles there was some christmas marmelade with cinnamon and some dutch whipped cream. The difference between danish and dutch whipped cream is that in danish whipped cream is no sugar, in the dutch whipped cream there is. Everybody liked them but I still prefer the belgian waffles. The belgian waffles just taste richer.

So after a delicious meal, for which I say thank you, I decided that this spoon is a symbol for my cooking and baking endeavours.

The soup stories of Domestic Sensualists were the inspiration for this symbol because I love making soup as well.

Hope you had some wonderful food too this weekend. Have a fantastic day.



Pursuing Art... said...

The spoon symbol is perfect for your love of cooking and baking. I bet you are a wonderful cook and baker!

Sounds like you had a lovely dinner with friends. Your waffles, marmelade and whipped cream look delicious...making my mouth water! I have never tried Norwegian waffles, but I love Belgian waffles.

Reminds me of a Swedish friend of mine that makes Ebelskivers with apples or jam and sprinkles them with powdered sugar. I fell in love with them.

Sending you a heartfelt hug! XOXO

julochka said...

i love your spoon and am happy that DS inspired it. :-)

it's so funny that you made waffles, because this weekend i was thinking that i need to get a waffle iron. i think i'll keep an eye on in the second-hand shops, since it's not something i'd use everyday.

tangled stitch said...

Oh sounds delicious. And love the spoon!