Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Soul Food (part 64)

First symbol is about bottling things up, keeping the everyday hurts to oneself.

The second symbol is cutting my self loose, that is what Soul Food does for me. Slowly but surely I cut myself loose from habits that aren't supportive/helpful anymore. When I started Soul Food I thought it would be about learning new stitches and to improve my drawing skills. I even believed I could get it finished within two months. How wrong could I be? It's has become an organic process which already takes six months but I'm only 15 blocks away from finishing it. The best thing about it is you are still with me and I learned a lot, lot about me and were I want to go. So now it is back to stitching.

Have a fabulous day and do me a favour, enjoy yourself!!!



Protege said...

I think I can imagine, how when you do the stitching of a particular ornament - symbol, you clear your mind of all thoughts and only concentrate on the subject, thus really experience what you are creating on a different level.
Both of these symbols are very important to me, as I am often troubled by keeping things bottled up too long and keep ties to that which is not beneficial.
I so enjoy your blog each morning with my coffee.;) I love the positive thoughts to help me start my day.

sooziebee said...

thankyou for visiting my bog and taking the time to leave a comment. i hope you enjoyed reading

tangled stitch said...

Bottling things up and cutting yourself free. Both hit a nerve here's to setting ourselves free with stitches, and needles and hooks!

julochka said...

it's marvelous how you feel yourself transformed by this project. i love that notion so much.

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, warms my heart and I can't help but smile. Both these symbols are wonderful, but more important is what you have learned in the process of creating this quilt!

You will always cherish this beautiful piece, remember all the thoughts and discoveries you had while stitching it and feel grateful for the lessons learned.

Happy stitching...XOXO