Monday, October 19, 2009

Soul Food (part 62)

Nowadays I am a big believer in baby steps. These teeny, tiny steps done on a daily basis helped me to make Soul Food, to blog everyday and learn so many things. The cloth of Soul Food consists of 238 blocks. At first the cloth looked so big but I wanted it so bad that I jumped in without thinking further ahead. Now, some months later, my habit of watching television is totally gone, I learned to solve more than a few dozen problems with my embroidery needle, you still have to hear me rambling on about Soul Food but I am almost done. Just by making one stitch, one symbol, one baby step forward.

So this symbol is a reminder to take one step and one step more.

Have a fantastic day.



Protege said...

A wonderful sentiment; even the biggest project can be done if we work at it a bit at a time, not giving up.;)
Have a wonderful Monday as well.;)xo

tangled stitch said...

Beautiful! Lovely project and lovely sentiment.

Pursuing Art... said... steps are the key. Look at all the lessons learned, the thoughts and memories, the beauty created. We all enjoy watching it come to life, listening and learning each stitch, symbol and step at a time.

I remind myself often, one stitch or one bead at a time and I will get there. ;-)

I know you call it Soul Food, but it is Heart and Soul to's a *beautiful* map of you and your heart, E! What a treasure map it is!!! XOXO ~me