Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Soul Food (part 59)

This is a lesson I want to master because there is this chatterbox in my mind that is constantly racing with all kinds of thoughts. That is why I made a reminder for myself.

Have a gorgeous october day.



B said...

Oh, yes, I need this too! It's such a difficult art to master!

Protege said...

I have that box inside my head too.;)
Enjoy the splendid weather we are having!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Oh yes, quietness is so rich and nourishing!

Maybe try visualizing the words and thoughts being taken away in a stream of fresh, clear water - a river, soothing, cleaning, refreshening your mind ... concentrating only on the sight, noise, smell of the river within you.

Pursuing Art... said...

I understand...;-)

Sending you PEACE and LOVE! XOXO