Monday, October 5, 2009

Soul Food (part 52)

This symbol is very dear to me. It stands for the mystery of miracles. During my life special events happend for which I cannot find an explanation but still they have a big influence on my life.

This symbol is for a number of these tiny reminders to look further, to be more aware and learn about exchanging energy.

Hope your day is filled with miracles that make you wonder.



Protege said...

I really like the concept of your blog; the mystical and unusual in life intrigues me deeply. I find life is full of signs and miracles if we only pay attention.
Thank you for your beautiful comment at my place; I 'd love to know more about you and your life in Denmark. Please stop by again.;)

julochka said...

very interesting...did you fill the circle in entirely in pink and then do back over it or is it just the edge that's pink?

these always get me thinking...and i've been working some more on mine (late last night when i'd had way too many evening cups of tea to sleep...)

Pursuing Art... said...

I love the symbol for the mystery of miracles in your life and also to be aware of energy exchanged.

Miracles do have a huge influence on our lives...even if we can't explain them. XO ~me