Friday, October 2, 2009

Soul Food (part 51)

Today I want to show you some symbols that have their origines in the native american history. The first one is the open hand, a gesture you can see in every old western. The meaning: I approach you with an open heart, an open mind. This is something I always try to do, it is easier said than done so I give it a lot of training.

This 7 means that a decision made now can influence the next 7 generations. I think about this symbol a lot because of all the talk that is going on about our environment, our food, our home-planet earth and the decisions and changes we need to make and the habits we need to break.

Talking stick. A talking stick is used to make sure that everyone can have their say and the others will listen without interruption. Well, I had my say. Now it is your turn and write a comment.

Have a wonderful weekend, hopefully with some sunshine.



julochka said...

i didn't know that about 7 generations...that's a rather sobering thought.

here's wishing you a sunny weekend too! thank you for another week of contemplative inspiration.'


B said...

I've never heard that about the 7, it's fascinating! I love the walking stick today!

tangled stitch said...

Very cool Elizabeth. I love your open hand and 7 generations that's kind of a scary thought in both directions.

Pursuing Art... said...

I love the open hand and it's meaning. I didn't know about the number 7 either. And, the talking stick is important...making sure everyone can have their say and others will listen without interruption!

Always lovely...~me