Monday, September 28, 2009

Soul Food (part 47)

As promised last friday I show you today the symbols we created together. The picture above is created while thinking about the 'talks' I had with Julie and shows cooperation. The two hands are made of two kinds of felt which stands for two people. The circle they are holding is the earth. The earth gives us a place to live and at the same time is our very big store cupboard. Although our store cupboard is very big it doesn't mean we should plunder because we can. No, we have to learn ourselves to be more careful because the stock is not only for us but also for our children and the generations to come.

Julie helped me to create this one by showing some posters for drugs against headaches. Although I didn't duplicate the idea, it lead to this symbol for headaches.

One last symbol, this one expresses longing. Karen has made and written several pieces about her swaddling bands. While reading some old blogentries I came up with the idea above. I created a place to keep or put all my emotions in, so that my need to keep the people I love safe doesn't interfere with their ideas, wishes and needs. But like always, if you can put something in, there is also a possibility of escape. It was a lot of fun making this one because first I embroidered the heart, than I crocheted on the heart and than embroidered the heart once again. Never done this but it works fine.

Wish you a very creative week and thank you so much for your help.


julochka said...

the hands and the earth are just beautiful and i so appreciate our "talks" as well.

i love how your headache turned out. it's much better than the posters.

and the crocheted/embroidered heart is wonderful and so loaded with meaning.

this may well be the best batch yet.

happy monday!

karen said...

what an inspiring interpretation, I love it.

Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, Elizabeth, I adore how all three of these turned out!!! Fantastic...especially fond of the hands holding the earth and the heart..almost but not quite full. Beautiful symbols and feelings.

XO ~Lisa