Friday, September 25, 2009

Soul Food (part 46)

This is my symbol for pay it forward. I read the book of Catherine Ryan Hide during a special time in my life and love the concept of this idea.

And this symbol shows that we all have several choices. Making and sharing the symbols of Soul Food is my choice and I'm very grateful for the time you spend with me here in Landanna reading and commenting on Soul Food.

Last monday I asked you all to help me to find symbols for a number of words and lucky as I am two of the words found their symbol. My embroidery needle is very busy again and I hope to show you the symbols for headache and cooperation on monday.

Have a great weekend.



julochka said...

i wish you'd explained the pay it forward symbol...are they little balloons (or little sperms?) in any case, they are colorful and the thought is lovely and if you think about it, even if they're little sperms, they are indeed paying it forward in a sense. ;-)

in my art planning journal (different than my art journal and my journal journal) last night, i planned a 9-patch mini quilt inspired by your soul food and spirit cloth's work, plus no doubt a whole lot of other infuences. when i get home to the scanner, i will show it...and then i will begin.

thank you for being a wonderful inspiration. and have a lovely weekend


B said...

I love the one about the choices. You really have a talent to show all this concepts in such a beautiful way!

Pursuing Art... said...

Beautiful...I love and believe in paying it forward. Good deeds or acts of kindness can spread around the world making it a better place.

I'm so grateful that you are sharing yourself, your heart art and Soul Food with us. You are an inspiration to us all! XO ;-)