Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Soul Food (part 44)

The picture of the moustache is a reminder of a very special friend. He is the one who learned me to appreciate country music. I'm grateful for that and the million of other things he did for me. In his honour I included a song which I know he loves, you can hear it here.

Mr. Moon I included for all the nights I wasn't able to sleep because my mind wanted to think and kept me awake or woke me up when I finally dozed off.

Hope you slept well and feel fresh to start this new day.



ger said...

Both so simple yet meaningfull...(I´m quite glad that from reasons unknown I can´t link to Youtube from my blog - I´d plaster it with the Highwaymen...)

karen said...

Hi. Hope you have worked your way through that ''timebomb'' feeling!

julochka said...

oh sleep, elusive sleep. i'm starting to think i need a soul food project of my seems so grounding.

Pursuing Art... said...

Makes me smile...special friend indeed...glad he taught you to appreciate country music too.

Oh, Mr. Moon...I love the moon and stars. I still have those nights! XOXO ;-)