Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Soul Food (part 43)

Today I want to show you a swedish heart in the softest felt I ever made. A heart, a storage place for all our memories. Good or bad, made out of love or hate, experienced with bubbling joy or the the bluest blues, they are weaved into our memorysafe. Meeting someone, exchanging energy is not or shouldn't be a random thing. One word, one touch, one song, one piece of art, one smile or a simple thank you can be life changing.

Let us create memories with the sofest gentleness we are capable of and share our abundant love. It will change us forever and therefore the world.

Have a beautiful day filled with gentleness, I love you all.


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Pursuing Art... said...

I love hearts and everything they are about and hold. I adore the beautiful woven heart you made for your quilt and this post!

I couldn't agree with you more...sharing our abundant love can be life changing! I'm so grateful our paths have crossed. Thank you for sharing from your heart, Elizabeth...I love you. We all adore and love you! XOXO