Monday, September 21, 2009

Soul Food (part 42)

Today I have a special post for you. For some time already I struggle to find some symbols for a number of words which I really want to incorporate in Soul Food. Last friday I found symbols for two of these words with the help of Anthony, Karen and Julie.

This heart is made of the darkest blue felt I could find and stands for fear. Anthony wrote a beautiful piece about it here. While pondering about his words I thought about the road we travel.

Karen showed a stunning piece last week with the loveliest french knots and each time I see them I think: Lets make some knots. Never do because it doesn't fit in. Friday, Julie had the last day of her week of colors and I was blown away by the beauty of all of these lively pretty colors. I felt so much joy that I organized a party for one and played some very loud music. (Bruce also came by). Friday night I sat down and came up with this one.

It is called JOY!

At this moment there are only 40 of the 238 blocks left on Soul Food and as I said before I really want to incorporate some words but can't find a symbol for them. The words I'm talking about are: gratitude, coincidence, cooperation, headache, passion, imagination and longing. So if you happen to have a post about any of these subjects or a drawing, a photograph, an object and you are willing to share it with me, please sent me an email, I can use your help.

Thank you all for dropping by Landanna and a heartfelt thank you til Anthony, Julie and Karen for the inspiration you gave me.

Have a wonderful creative week.



julochka said...

i love the circle. i love french knots too, but don't use them enough. your circle reminds me of some of the beautiful enormous ceramics sculptures that brigitte bouquet (who is dutch too, by the way!) does: i'm not sure what it is, perhaps it's a texture thing.

i think those words you have left are difficult ones to find a symbol for. have you seen the kodimagnyl posters in the train stations? they do a great job of using a photograph to depict a headache, but scrunching down the top of person's head, so you can almost feel the headache, just looking at it. but i think if it were me, i'd make a stick of cotton candy, since that's something that is SURE to give me a headache! :-)

for passion, i'd be inclined to use a little swatch of luxurious fabric of some kind...deep red velvet or something, and embroider it to the square..along the lines of this one by spirit cloth:

if i come across anything that makes me think of your other words, i'll let you know.

happy that my color week inspired. i'm off to check out anthony and karen.

karen said...

Hi Elizabeth. I am so happy to have inspired you! The pictures relating to my swaddling band may help you with the word ''longing''. When I make anything like this I am partly expressing a longing to still have my children close, to protect them, wrap the up and keep them safe. I hope you are well! Karen

B said...

Oh, I can see how soul food is almost finished and I'm going to miss the almost daily dose of inspiration.
Those are very difficult symbols. I always use a speech bubble to represent imagination, is that too obvious? Definitely something deep red for passion! And how about two hands together for cooperation? If I find any images that go with any of the others, I'll let you know!

Pursuing Art... said...

I love all of these symbols and their meanings, but I am very fond of the circle with french knots...*JOY*!

Hmmm...not easy words for symbols.

Gratitude, grateful - hugs & kisses
Coincidence - tough one
Cooperation - I like B's idea of two hands together
Headache - vice around head or hands on head
Passion - heart
Imagination - piece of a puzzle, an eye
Longing - stretched out hand/hands, peace symbol