Friday, September 18, 2009

Soul Food (part 41)

The spider is a symbol for unlimited possibilities to create. The cobweb is the creation, the circle of life. When something is caught in the spidersweb this will be eaten by the spider and the energy will appear in the web.

What flew in your web today?

Have a wonderful creative weekend.



julochka said...

there are spiders and webs everywhere at the moment. i get one in the face every morning when i go out to get the newspaper and while that's not really that fun, i do find them fascinating in their industriousness. and the strength and beauty of their webs always amaze me. i snapped some pictures of some covered in dew in the morning sunlight other morning and have been waiting for inspiration to strike and write something about them.

Pursuing Art... said...

Same as Julochka...we have spider webs all over right now and I, too, love taking pictures in the sunlight of their webs...they are truly amazing! XOX