Friday, September 11, 2009

Soul Food (part 37)

Today a post filled with fun. This doll you see here is called Dotje. Dotje is already a grand old lady because she is more than forty years old. A family member made her when I was a little girl and she always has been a close friend. Nowadays she is a close friend for my boys who still play with her. During her life she lost her hair and her little white dress with red dots and I had to repair her on several occasions but that is ok. Dotje is loved deeply.

Such a grand lady deserves a spot on Soul Food and here you can see her.

Have a fantastic weekend filled with friendship and creativity.



tangled stitch said...

Lovely! Thanks for sharing such a precious piece of history!

B said...

Oh, so cute! She's so lucky, a toy that is passed through generations in an age when everything seems disposable.

julochka said...

she's wonderful!!!

Pursuing Art... said...

Dotje is darling and so specical. She makes me smile! You are so lucky to still have her and, of course, she deserves a spot on Soul it!