Thursday, September 10, 2009

Soul Food (part 36)

Today's symbol is a part of a windmill. No matter were you are born you will be influenced by that fact. I'm influenced by the fact that I'm born in the Netherlands, it's a part of my identity. Since the world is thinking about windmills when they hear about the Netherlands (Holland) I thought it would be a good symbol to show bit of information.

Identity isn't a static piece of information anyone can write down in stone because we are constantly growing and therefore changing. This snake is losing it's skin to show a new him. This is how I feel about Soul Food. Although a lot of symbols are personal stories, my own history, I still feel the need to grow, experience new things, meet new people, live. A 'new' me is slowly sneaking up on me and I love my snake for showing the way.

Have a day filled with butterfly miracles.



julochka said...

the snake is a wonderful metaphor. i really love how much meaning you manage to weave into such simple stitching. it's really beautiful.

and i hope that the need for new people means you might someday join us at a blog camp. :-)

Pursuing Art... said...

These are wonderful. I love the snake shedding his old skin and being fresh and new!

Don't ever quit growing, learning, experiencing new things, loving...these all make us feel alive...keep us alive. ;-)