Monday, September 7, 2009

Soul Food (part 34)

Today I want to start with saying thank you all for stopping by during the weekend and leaving the most awesome comments.

My first picture today is a lizzard. This lizzard is for my symbol for dreaming. Dreaming, for me, is one of the loveliest, most inspiring thing to do. Therefore this lizzard deserves it's place on Soul Food. One of my recent dreams also found a place on my canvas. You can see it in the second picture.

When this symbol appeared I was totally shaken by the love I had seen/felt/experienced. Although I already have a number of symbols for conversation I couldn't resist to also embroider this on. Here you can see the energy going from one person to the other person, like a loving embrace in words.

Lets have a day filled with the most wonderful dreams.


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Pursuing Art... said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Thought I would make it sooner than this to visit. Mark and I have been getting the garden and flower beds cut back and put to bed for Winter. The rain is here today and I have poured myself a cup of tea and am here to catch up with you. I just checked my reader list to find where I left off and realize that the last visit was friends gathered around the table (part 33)!!! Good grief...I've missed so much...

Big thank you and hug from me for your sweet comments and emails recently! You always bring me a smile and gentle hug with the notes you leave or send!!!

I adore the lizzard, he is so cute. Dreams are important and I do most all my dreaming during the day...I hardly ever dream at night. The symbol with energy is the gentle hug I receive by your kind words!

Sending a hug to you my friend...~Lisa